Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Week 1 It took two weeks to get the book Duct Tape Marketing, but I was not disappointed.  This book is easy to read and has a nice flow about it.  There are seven fundamentals as named  by Duct Tape Marketing.  The first is developing a strategy before your tactics.  The strategy is your planContinue reading “Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch”

ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting

ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting Supporting I think that supporting is the most important section in the book Winning Angels the 7 fundamentals of early investing by David Amis and Howard Stevenson.  I have started off small so I did not seek out capital, but I have needed advice.  The section on supporting broke itContinue reading “ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting”

ENT 640 – Negotiating

Importance of Negotiating This week’s reading in the Winning Angels – the 7 fundamentals of early stage investing by David Amis and Howard Stevenson was really interesting.  Negotiating the deal is another important fundamental.  As with the other fundamentals, negotiating needs to build the relationship between the entrepreneur and the investor.  The terms that areContinue reading “ENT 640 – Negotiating”

ENT 640 – Structuring

The Importance of Structuring As I continue reading Winning Angels – the 7 fundamentals of early stage investing by David Amis and Howard Stevenson, I realize what a novice I am to investing and investments.  In the last section, the book was on valuing the idea or business.  This week’s reading was on structuring.  TheContinue reading “ENT 640 – Structuring”

ENT 640 — Sourcing

Importance of Sourcing to a Winning Angel By Tina Jones Upon receiving the book Winning Angels-the 7 fundamentals of early stage investing, I was curious to how this was going to tie into the class of Entrepreneurship.  The class that I am currently enrolled in is Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis.  Life is pretty fast paced soContinue reading “ENT 640 — Sourcing”

To Plant or Not to Plant Hemp that is the question…

With 2019 behind us, we need to decide what the plan is for 2020. Unfortunately, we do not have 20/20 vision on this. The Hemp industry is uncertain at best. So many factors are uncertain at this time. When you look at the PEST analysis, you would quickly see all factors say that Hemp mightContinue reading “To Plant or Not to Plant Hemp that is the question…”

Reviewing 5 Magazine Print Ads

by Tina Jones Ad #1  McDonald’s  McDonald’s celebrated the 40th anniversary of the happy meal with a series of print ads that were designed to capture the relationship between a child and the McDonald’s Happy Meal.  The iconic golden arches showing the energy of the child and the red box drawing attention to it lettingContinue reading “Reviewing 5 Magazine Print Ads”

5 Interesting TV Commercials

TV Ad #1 Share a Coke 1,000 Name Celebration  2018 Agency Fitzco//McCann, Atlanta, USA This ad was designed to let the consumers know that the names were back on the Coke bottles.  There were over 1,000 names with a song written about each of them. Coke paid songwriters to create these songs for every nameContinue reading “5 Interesting TV Commercials”