ENT 650 Week 3 Importance of Financial Statements

The importance of financial statements to entrepreneurs. As I embark on reading Entrepreneurial Finance by Steven Rogers,  I realize the importance of financial statements to an entrepreneur.  Financial statements are a picture of the company in its present state of financial health that can be used to project the future of the business.   Each statementContinue reading “ENT 650 Week 3 Importance of Financial Statements”

ENT 600 Week 3 Building Social and Financial Capital

As a founder of a company, I can certainly appreciate the importance of social and human capital.  While my company was a small endeavor, the social capital that I had built was invaluable as we needed a loan.  Imagine a young couple with a drive for doing business but very little money.  Luckily, the youngContinue reading “ENT 600 Week 3 Building Social and Financial Capital”

ENT600 Week 2-Wealth vs Control

As entrepreneurs do what entrepreneurs do, it is important to know what your ideal outcome will be.  Going into my business, I knew that I wanted a long term income.  I see many entrepreneurs establishing the business, valuing the business and selling the business.  The business is not personal to them and it is easyContinue reading “ENT600 Week 2-Wealth vs Control”

Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Week 1 It took two weeks to get the book Duct Tape Marketing, but I was not disappointed.  This book is easy to read and has a nice flow about it.  There are seven fundamentals as named  by Duct Tape Marketing.  The first is developing a strategy before your tactics.  The strategy is your planContinue reading “Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch”

ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting

ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting Supporting I think that supporting is the most important section in the book Winning Angels the 7 fundamentals of early investing by David Amis and Howard Stevenson.  I have started off small so I did not seek out capital, but I have needed advice.  The section on supporting broke itContinue reading “ENT 640 Supporting and Harvesting”