Retaining Your GREAT Employees

Week 6

Business owners know that every once in a while, you hire a great one.  Whether they were great straight out of the gate or they grew to be great while working for you, you don’t want to lose them.  According to How to Hire A-Players written by Eric Herrenkohl, there are some ways to keep those A-Players.

People want to work where they have a strong leader that lets them know when they are successful and important to the company.  It is important for the company to have some kind of recognition for these key employees.  Many times we get so caught up in running the company that we forget the people that are helping us become successful.   Employees need to know where they stand with the company.  Sketch out a quick organizational chart to let them know where they stand in the company and the role or roles that they hold.  Spend time with your A-Players teaching them how to fit into their role.  This time will be well spent as you are developing the players that will make your job easier and your company prosper. 

Know who the A-Players are with your company, but more importantly let them know that they are important.  Take the time to let them know what they mean to the business.   Let these key players know that they have a future and can grow with your company.  While you can’t make an employee stay, you can make them WANT to stay. 

Herrenkohl, E. (2010). How to hire A-players: Finding the top people for your team–even if you don’t have a recruiting department. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

5 thoughts on “Retaining Your GREAT Employees

  1. Tina,
    The one line that stuck out to me when I was reading was that employees wanted to work with a strong leader. I feel that is so true. I worked at a great place and myself and two others left for this reason alone. We had a great team between the three of us, but our leader was absent. A great point you made was how we can get caught up and not realizing that the ones around us are helping made our business successful. We need to recognize our A-Players and help raise them up. Great review.


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    1. Katherine,
      Having a great leader is the key to keeping any team together. I feel that this is something that I need to work at as a boss. I am guilting of expecting employees to know something instead of being clear about what I expect.



  2. Tina, You made an excellent point when you stated “Many times we get so caught up in running the company that we forget the people that are helping us become successful.” Employee appreciation is something that I plan to keep in mind when I have my business. I have worked for companies in the past that treated their employees like disposable work horses. It is hard to give your job your all when you aren’t respected or appreciated by your supervisors or boss. On the flip side you want to work your hardest when you are treated well in your job.

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  3. Hi Tina,

    Excellent post. I really like that you touched on the fact that many employees are underappreciated, or feel like they are. Many leaders forget that their followers are integral pieces to the puzzle of their business. I like that you brought up showing them on a chart that they are important and that their role is valuable.




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