Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Week 1

It took two weeks to get the book Duct Tape Marketing, but I was not disappointed.  This book is easy to read and has a nice flow about it.  There are seven fundamentals as named  by Duct Tape Marketing.  The first is developing a strategy before your tactics. 

The strategy is your plan of action to be able to reach your marketing goals.  This will be your road map to reach your ideal customers. Be different.  Claim your competitive advantage!  I always admire a marketing strategy that is so unique that you will never forget it.  Having been in the same business for twenty years, I find myself a victim of the hum drum.  I had never changed my marketing strategy.  Recently, I have acknowledged that my ideal client (target market) has changed.  My marketing strategy had to change with it. I have been developing a new marketing strategy over the last few months.  I am using daily Facebook posts, some even have a unique flair. 

I really like that the book is not all about selling online.  The book wants to give you strategies to use online for offline.  I am looking forward to digging into this book and working on a strategy to get this unique marketing thing started. 

Jantsch, J. (2011). Duct tape marketing: The world’s most practical small business marketing guide. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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