5 Interesting TV Commercials

TV Ad #1

Share a Coke 1,000 Name Celebration  2018

Agency Fitzco//McCann, Atlanta, USA

This ad was designed to let the consumers know that the names were back on the Coke bottles.  There were over 1,000 names with a song written about each of them. Coke paid songwriters to create these songs for every name on their bottles.  I found the Edward song which was very catchy. This ad won at every major award show.  

The objective of this ad was a new way to let the consumer know that the names were on the back of the bottles and to encourage consumption over the summer.  Will Benham was the copywriter and Creative Director for this undertaking which was the idea of Sherman Winfield and James Beikmonhamadi. This ad was not only successful in selling the product but spreading the word about Coke on social media. 

Millennial consumers (1980-2000) were targeted by this name campaign.  The thought was that when you pass by a Coke product and see a familiar name you would be more likely to buy it and even share it with a friend.  Personalization and customization appeal to the millennial consumer. 

This ad was designed to create the action of buying the product and even sharing your song or a picture of the product on social media.  They created “your” Coke. They even created a website that you can get personalization done for yourself or a wedding.  

I think the value proposition of this commercial is the special feeling that you get when you see something personal to you.  


TV Ad #2

EGAMI Group 2018

Multicultural Excellence Award/African American Category

Proctor & Gamble introduced the My Black is Beautiful is a series of TV ads created by BBDO New York to show conversations that parents have with their children about  the prejudices and bias that may be faced in life. This ad evokes the emotional response that we all feel if we have been a victim of prejudice. 

The ad spoke volumes in regards to Proctor and Gamble’s feelings on prejudice and bias.  While the ad does not feature a product, it features a feeling of acceptance. I feel that the ad generates awareness of the wholeness of the brand.  A brand that accepts all people. The brand wants to encourage conversations between people of all backgrounds and lead to positive change. 

You may think the target market for this ad is black families.  I think the target market goes deeper than this. This ad impacts all people that have experienced prejudice.  I think we all have felt bias at some point in our life. This ad speaks to us. You are the best, beautiful person that there is.  

The action this ad should evoke is talking about how you feel.  Have serious conversations with others letting them know its OK to be you. “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”, a quote from Oscar Wilde sums it up.  We are all unique and beautiful.

I think that the product gains its value proposition from its sincere sentiment.   This ad definitely creates brand awareness. I would be tempted to use Proctor & Gramble products just by knowing how they feel about people. 


Ad # 3


Most Creative Use of Sound/Music

Radio Mercury Awards, 2019


This ad is a musical rendition slamming their competition.  This ad is capitalizing on social media. The ad was definitely original.   The mix-tape is a rap referring to some of the negative things about their competition.  This ad is targeting Millenials as the lyrics are hip with current slang. Being a generation X, this ad did not appeal to me.  I actually thought it was obnoxious. I think the objective of this ad is awareness of the product. The ad may have some responding on social media and sharing their interest in the product.  As far as the value proposition, the ad would make you think that possibly Wendys is better than McDonald’s or Burger King. this ad 

AD #4

Johnson & Johnson/Motrin


Multicultural Excellence Award 2017

Grand Prize Total Market category

This ad was very inspirational.  The woman featured in the ad was in pain. The journey followed her through overcoming pain and having a life.   Motrin was not mentioned in the ad until the end. The ad held your attention until the end so you were able to see that Motrin helped this woman overcome pain.  The #WomanInProgress Motrin is featured at the end of the commercial. 

The object of this ad was to let people know that pain does not define you.  I think that they created this ad so that you would go out and purchase Motrin.  I think that is could be measured by the sales during this ad. They are targeting people in pain.  This ad would touch anyone that’s life has been impacted by pain. The value you that this ad gives to the product goes beyond money.  This ad will evoke the need for a quality life therefore I think people will go out and purchase this product.

AD #5

Goya Foods

More Than One Flavor

Award/ Multicultural Excellence Award 2018

This ad is about Goya Mojo criollo marinate.  This ad is about a marinate with a lime taste for all kinds of meat.  The ad is bringing awareness of the product to the public. The marinate may be traditionally used by the Hispanic culture but the ad features all nationalities.  The ad quickly answers the question, will the kids like it? The target market would be anyone who has not heard of this, but I really think that this ad is about targeting families with kids.

The ad is designed for convincing you to add it to the grocery list and try it.  I think that the value proposition is the unique flavor this 30-second ad describes.  A quick little advice from the griller on how to use it only tempts us to go get some to try. 

17 thoughts on “5 Interesting TV Commercials

  1. Hi Tina,

    You have done a terrific job analyzing the TV ads. In particular, your review of the “My Black is Beautiful” ad really captured my attention. You’re right that on the surface level, some people might think this ad only targets certain races or ethnicities. But as you point out, the brand is actually looking to “encourage conversations between people of all backgrounds and lead to positive change.”

    And as you go on to say, we have all experienced some form of bias in our life. Some of us must endure outright prejudice. The ad absolutely speaks to anyone who believes the world can and should be a better place.

    Finally, while I really like the Oscar Wilde quote you mention, I like your quote even better: “we are all unique and beautiful.” To be moved to share such a beautiful sentiment shows the power of advertising. Procter & Gamble clearly hit this one out of the park and I appreciate you breaking down the reason why.

    Thank you!


    1. Trip,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. I really think you are correct. P & G knocked it out of the park. I have been looking at ads this week that focus on our current “social distancing” efforts. I especially like an ad that Nike has put out. This ad will be in my print ad reviews. Stay tuned for more ad reviews. Stay safe and stay happy.
      Tina Jones


  2. Tina,
    The “Share a Coke” ad did seem to be an influential ad based on offering various names on Coke Bottles. I know when that ad was first advertised people would look to find their name on a Coke Bottle which provided an increase in profits for the company. Providing a way to make a product more personal such as Coke offered with the names provides an excellent marketing strategy as well. The Goya Food ad “More than One Flavor” was an interesting ad as I never knew that the company had a marinate. The company used a great concept by including all nationalities to get rid of that stereotype perceived by many as the marinate being part of the hispanic culture. Excellent job! Great ad choices!


  3. Tina,
    As I mentioned on Shay’s about the Coke ad, it was a very good ad that drew tons of free advertising onto itself by getting people to come to the site to try out their name, how clever! You hit it on the head when you mentioned that Coke was going for giving ownership to the customer. I know that I bought a coke with my wife’s name on it and we don’t even drink it!
    I thought the Goyo ad was pretty good too, it reaches out to all young adults who are looking to get their kids to eat what they cook. Essentially the man cooking was sending a message that the kids love Goyo marinade and they were sure to eat!

    Good ads!


  4. Thank you Audrey,
    I appreciate you looking at my ad reviews. I think that the Coke ad was really successful in getting the campaign advertising itself through posts that were made on social media. I hope you are doing good.
    Tina Jones


  5. Tina, Many TV ads are integrating social media with their traditional ad to include millennials and younger. We see that in the Coke commercial and Wendy’s commercial. It is important for business owners to remember the impact of social media that exists today. For many people, social media is their primary or only media consumed. I personally don’t understand the Wendy’s commercial, but they are appealing to a younger demographic than me. At my age, my personal preferences might be more difficult to change than a millennial.
    Best regards,
    Mike Weimar


    1. Mike,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Social media is such an important medium for advertising. At this time, my business is only advertising on social media. I am with you on the Wendy’s commercial. I may be too old for that one.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Tina,
    Wendy’s has the most notorious PR in the industry. I enjoy reading their tweets, roasting the competition or regular people who ask for it :). However, I did not know they came out with a mix-tape; what a clever way to set the social media on fire. The most impressive aspect of their success is the $0 spent on marketing, yet it reached millions.
    Additionally, the P&G ad was heartfelt. Being a minority or “different in any way” while living in the US is becoming more difficult by the day. The bias opinions are everywhere, and people are becoming more insensitive to others’ feelings by the day. I am glad that P&G are doing their part in raising awareness.
    Great job with the selection!

    Best regards,


  7. Hi Tina,

    I hope this message finds you well! First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on your efforts in class. You have hit the ground running and always make tremendous contributions to our learning community! Keep up the good work.

    Now, for the assignment. Nice job selecting the ads! I particularly enjoyed the Wendy’s “We Beefin” commercial. It was a brilliant way to market their business, especially amongst the younger generation who enjoy these battles. Unlike most battles, the rap was not distasteful and actually provided factual information regarding the other chains (I mean c’mon the ice cream machine IS always down 🙂 Likewise, I also enjoyed the “My Black is Beautiful” advertisement. It was refreshing to see a commercial embrace the differences of others, especially amongst those who have a history of being treated inferior in our country as well as globally. I was pleased with Proctor and Gamble’s choice to bring light to this situation and essentially highlight the detrimental effects for anyone who has ever experienced any form of prejudice. Nice work love, keep it up!




    1. Thank you Tiffany,
      I have always been fascinated by Commercials. I think the Wendy’s commercial was brilliant. The social media aspect of the ad probably created more advertising than the actual ad. Proctor and Gamble have always seemed to be a compassionate company and giving back to the community. This ad is one of many examples that show that they are a wonderful company. One of many reasons that they are still around.


  8. It is interesting how social media heavy each of these ads are. The company pays for the ad on tv, but really I think the consumers are the ones spreading the most information about the product then the tv ad. In your start up do you find that social media is important?


  9. Wonderful job on your post and the analysis of the ads that were chosen! Wendy’s has social media mavens operating their social media accounts as they always seem to trend. The portion of their television ad that references their competitor’s ice cream machine always being broken was hilarious. The Coke commercial was very clever and effective. I am looking forward to reading more posts!


  10. The Wendy’s “webeefin” ad was a nice inclusion here. It does a good job of illustrating some of the differences in target marketing and the approaches to demographics. It is refreshing to see companies willing to go out on a bit of limb and try something unconventional. I think that is really an overlooked strategy for many ads. They have the chance of failing, but at the same time you get some creative takes on the subject matter.


  11. I think the “share a Coke” campaign was pretty brilliant, as it capitalizes on the tendency to be self-absorbed, as well as creates a healthy amount of high quality brand engagement. Realistically, printing a different name on the cap costs very little for a major corporation like Coke, yet they yielded great results and made customers feel as if the brand recognized them.


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