Procrastination Podcast

Please enjoy this podcast inspired by the video The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers.



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5 thoughts on “Procrastination Podcast

  1. I can certainly attest to how office politics can destroy morale in the work place. Well defined guidelines concerning promotion qualifications and procedures is essential. Good supervisors keep a pulse on the overall office atmosphere and deal with conflict immediately to maintain stability. You make some valid points in your post and I look forward to reading future blogs.



    1. Shannon,
      I am not a fan of office politics. Morale is everything in the workplace. If an employee is happy, the company will have better production and less absenteeism. I agree that a supervisor should know their office atmosphere. Thank you for your comment.

      Tina Jones

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  2. Hi Tina,
    I’m a life long procrastinator. It’s not because I’m avoiding the work. When I think about how I operation, there’s a couple of things going on. First, I have a lot of stuffing going on in my head. I have what I like to call – controlled ADD. And it’s not hyper at all. My thinking process is slow. I kind of like to enjoy the ride that my thoughts take me on. Second, when I work to complete a task or assignment, it has to be good and meaningful. I hate when people do something to just check a box. By the way, people like that wouldn’t make it too long in you profession. So my controlled ADD and need to create something meaningful has a good outcome. When I am finally able to get through all of the time and thoughts and understanding of what I need to do, I work extremely fast and focused. Maybe it’s a deadline that drives me, but I can become laser focused. I wish that I could become laser focused a lot sooner than I do most of the time though.

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    1. Dear Tripp,

      Thank you for your reply. I really like doing the podcast activity. I loved my subject matter. I am a procrastinator too. I have had to do better over the years because I have so much to do. Procrastination must pay off for you because you do a fine job on your posts and assignments. Thank you for your feedback.

      Tina Jones


  3. Tina, I agree with the premise of your podcast. I like to let ideas “perculate” while I am waiting to do a project. I work best if I start something, but don’t finish it at first. I then return to it several times as I am thinking about my ideas. However, I have noticed that when writing, I sometimes rewrite the same thought. Great idea for a podcast!

    Best regards,

    Mike Weimar


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