Procrastination Podcast

Please enjoy this podcast inspired by the video The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers.



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7 thoughts on “Procrastination Podcast

  1. I can certainly attest to how office politics can destroy morale in the work place. Well defined guidelines concerning promotion qualifications and procedures is essential. Good supervisors keep a pulse on the overall office atmosphere and deal with conflict immediately to maintain stability. You make some valid points in your post and I look forward to reading future blogs.



    1. Shannon,
      I am not a fan of office politics. Morale is everything in the workplace. If an employee is happy, the company will have better production and less absenteeism. I agree that a supervisor should know their office atmosphere. Thank you for your comment.

      Tina Jones

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  2. Hi Tina,
    I’m a life long procrastinator. It’s not because I’m avoiding the work. When I think about how I operation, there’s a couple of things going on. First, I have a lot of stuffing going on in my head. I have what I like to call – controlled ADD. And it’s not hyper at all. My thinking process is slow. I kind of like to enjoy the ride that my thoughts take me on. Second, when I work to complete a task or assignment, it has to be good and meaningful. I hate when people do something to just check a box. By the way, people like that wouldn’t make it too long in you profession. So my controlled ADD and need to create something meaningful has a good outcome. When I am finally able to get through all of the time and thoughts and understanding of what I need to do, I work extremely fast and focused. Maybe it’s a deadline that drives me, but I can become laser focused. I wish that I could become laser focused a lot sooner than I do most of the time though.

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    1. Dear Tripp,

      Thank you for your reply. I really like doing the podcast activity. I loved my subject matter. I am a procrastinator too. I have had to do better over the years because I have so much to do. Procrastination must pay off for you because you do a fine job on your posts and assignments. Thank you for your feedback.

      Tina Jones


  3. Tina, I agree with the premise of your podcast. I like to let ideas “perculate” while I am waiting to do a project. I work best if I start something, but don’t finish it at first. I then return to it several times as I am thinking about my ideas. However, I have noticed that when writing, I sometimes rewrite the same thought. Great idea for a podcast!

    Best regards,

    Mike Weimar


  4. I saw procrastination and had to check out the podcast. I often find myself in that very same boat but often between the moderate to severe procrastination never the procrastination. I agree with the statement that procrastination brings out creative ideas as the time before the deadline gets closer some people’s minds work best in crunch time. Moderate procrastination is my favorite way of handling assignments because I read the prompt evaluate what is being asked of me then put it away before I sit down to finish the project. The grace period between reading the prompt and sitting down to actually start allows my mind to create ideas subconsciously and more organically I personally feel. Great job on the podcast and I enjoyed tuning in!


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