Week 5 Book Review

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Harowitz

This weeks reading started with the fact that companies justify their employees leaving by saying that they were going to fire them anyway. The company hired them and they were great. How did they suddenly become a bad employee? Most times they do not. Many times the company fails to train them or inform them of their expectations.

Being a good place to work is only the beginning for a company. It is crucial to train your employees in all levels of the company. Training will increase productivity, performance management (setting expectations), product quality and employee retention. We all have probably worked somewhere you are not properly trained. Not being trained can lead to a very poor work environment. The training will build confidence in the employee which will spill over to your customers and products.

Training starts with Manager training. The manager needs to know their expectations. Managers should be held responsible for the training of their team. The team will respect the managers if they take the time to train them and let their expectations be known. Better training leads the company to better performance, product quality and better employees. If you wont your company to be successful, your employees must be successful.

5 thoughts on “Week 5 Book Review

  1. Tina,

    The whole time I was reading this post I was saying “Yes! Exactly! Preach!”. I get so passionate about leadership roles because they really make or break companies, projects, products, and more.

    As a previous trainer in the healthcare system, I really appreciate the need for training and how a well thought out training, as well as follow up, is so key. I would lead Go Live trainings for a practice going on a new computer system, as well as trainings for New Hires. The level of relief and support that staff would feel during class was not trivial. Students would talk about how they felt so overwhelmed until they came to training, and then they felt so much better about the material they were learning.

    But, the aspect that is most forgotten, and the MOST critical, is the followups and follow through lead by managers. Without these constant followups it is almost pointless for training in the first place. Managers need to be throughly invested in their teams and their teams training. Without that piece, project typically fail miserably, even if they got off to a strong start.

    Currently, I am battling a situation where managers are not holding their staff accountable and it is crippling to the rest of the project. In this particular situation it is multiple teams working together to facilitate a complicated procedure being scheduled. This project has been severely hindered by lack of leadership over one of the teams and we are unable to continue rolling out the project until this has been addressed and managers are following up and holding their staff accountable.

    I really agreed with everything in your post, I feel like managers should get this refresher every year! Ha!


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    1. Thank you for your insight Caitlin. I have worked in medical environments and training is so critical. I did medical billing on and off for twenty years. Many times, I was in a train yourself atmosphere. Now, I try to train my employees in the best practices for my business. The author of the book held his managers to having once a month one on one meetings. with their employees. I also feel that it is important to stay in touch with employees. There is a certain appeal to feeling like your manager or supervisor is truly interested in what you are doing and your success in their company. While expressing your concern for them, managers will also know that the employee will be held responsible for their positions and expectations. I wish you luck with your projects Caitlin.

      Tina Jones


    2. Training is so important. If you train and communicate, I feel you are setting your company up for success. I have been a trainer and been trained and feel that it is the leader of the company’s job to make it happen. I think the manager should be held accountable for their employees. The book talks about one on one meetings and how important they are. Thank you for your reply.


  2. Management training is important. I have worked for a company where the managers are newer than I was and our team usually crumbled because of it. I now work for a company where our management has been trained in every position which helps in keeping employees and a strong team.


    1. Marie,

      Training is so important in any company. I know that a company will be more successful if the manager is trained in all aspects. Just knowing that the manager is willing and ABLE makes employee moral better.



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